artisan hut a fair trade organization

About Us


Artisan Hut was founded at February 2002 by Monju Haque. Who believe that fair/ethical trade can play a vital role to reduce poverty level of Bangladesh. Our country has depended a long time on International donation after independent Bangladesh in 1971. But till our country has problem on poverty, illiteracy, natural disaster and other handicaps including good governance. Bangladeshi people has expertise, capabilities to do promising activities for country and their life if they get the opportunity. Artisan Hut would like to create the opportunities for using these positive quality/skills especially for poor/disadvantage people for creating unique/exclusive products for earning money through fair/ethical trade business and keeping safe themselves, their communities and environment.


Our Mission

Reducing poverty through Fair Trade Business Development and economically independence, livelihood standard of disadvantage people of Bangladesh.


Our Vision

  • Organize traditional skill people/groups and make them awareness on Fair Trade Business which can provide a real alternative livelihood and ensure human rights & values.
  • Build up skill development to the disadvantage people by using traditional work with modern mix to make unique hand made base products.
  • Support to increase knowledge on products, quality, design, using environmental raw materials for making safe products for customers.
  • Marketing support to small scale disadvantaged groups.
  • Continuous technical, design & communication support to increase income.
  • Ensure using Fair Trade Standard in all levels to benefit themselves.
  • Producing products by saving environment to reduce Global warming.
  • Contribute to develop community to live in a peaceful society.
  • Encourage women for empowerment, leadership and voice to solve their barriers at community.