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        Artisan Hut Environmental Policy


Artisan Hut is committed to establishing Fair Trade as a business mainly working with clothes and home textile from the hand loom machine which is a carbon saving process. We dedicate ourselves to producing high quality ethical clothing and home textiles for our buyers whilst maintaining the environmental regulations from the fair trade principle.


WFTO Fair Trade Principle states that, “Organisations which produce Fair Trade products maximise the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources in their ranges, buying locally when possible.” In light of the WFTO policies Artisan Hut sets the following objectives.


  • We aim to use organic fair trade yarn or 100% cotton whenever possible and will work with our buyers to achieve this objective.

  • We also use eco-friendly materials for our packaging.

  • We use azo-free dyes to reduce environmental pollution.

  • We recycle waste fabrics for sourcing production materials.

  • We develop small products that are made from waste materials.

  • We aim to maximize the use of raw materials used in the production process.

  • We aim to minimize energy consumption in the production process.

  • We ship our products via sea. Newer buyers are also encouraged to shift to sea shipment.

  • Our workplace strictly follows a “switch off-save electricity” policy which encourages the workers to save electricity.

1. We aim to use natural matarials:

2.We aim to reduce waste:

3. We aim to reduce the use of Energy:

In addition to the above objectives, we comply with the statutory obligations under “The Environment Conservation Rules, 1997.”

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