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Meet The Team

Monju Haque (CEO)_edited.jpg

Monju Haque

Chief Executive Officer

Ariful (Merchandizer- Admin)_edited.jpg

MD Ariful Islam

Merchandiser- Admin


Md.Imran Hossain Emon


Office Management

Our management team includes the production manager, office administrator, materials manager, skill development trainer, and the CEO himself. They are responsible for communicating with the buyers and other stakeholders, carrying out meetings, procuring all the required materials to start off the production process, and oversee all office activities.

Line Supervisor (Beauty Akhtar)_edited.j

Beauty Akhtar

Line Supervisor

Monira Moon(Materials Officer)

Monira Moon

Materials Officer

Rokeya Parvin (Skill Development Trainer

Rokeya Parvin

Skill Development Trainer

Senjuti Nasir(Designer) (1)_edited.jpg

Senjuti Nasir


Quality Control (4)_edited.jpg

Quality Control Department

Our QC department includes a group of meticulous individuals who inspect the draft and finished products to ensure the consistent quality provided by Artisan Hut.

Quality Control (4)_edited.jpg
Pattern and Sampling_edited.jpg

Pattern and Sampling Department

Our sampling department is a wing under the production department responsible for producing samples based on style details provided by the merchandiser as per buyer’s requirement. Their main goal is to prepare quality samples for buyer’s approval.

Sewing Department

Responsible for attaching different pieces of the product and assembling the final product. They constantly communicate with the QC and Sampling department to minimize defects and ensure quality.

Swing Department
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